Ello random people of the internet and or my mates checking this out!

Names Max, a dude who draws. I currently have my main project, a webcomic called What isn't said that I work on when I can. I also have several back burner projects that will be shown later.

My persona is based off of tarantulas. I've went through variations of personas over the years but all were based on spiders. Because I think they are cool. I'll probably keep tweaking him but for right now I love where he's at. I at times alter my persona to fit different things, like making them more zombie like or such because I can, so you may see some of those in my oc section once I get that up.

I enjoy gaming, writing, roleplaying, drawing(which may be obvious), felting, fires, and hugs. I do dnd with me mates and have been learning Vampire the Masquerade to be a storyteller for some of me mates. I'm not the most talkative person as I'm often busy, but if you need to get into contact with me or just want to talk the best way is through discord: mezukie. Just make sure you tell me why you're poking me because you may get buried under other dms.

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